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With Coronavirus Surge Worsening, California Urges Wearing Masks Indoors

MSN - “The Delta variant has caused a sharp increase in hospitalizations and case rates across the state. We are recommending masking in indoor public places to slow the spread while we continue efforts to get more Californians vaccinated,” Dr. Tomás Aragón, director of the California Department of Public Health and state public health officer, said in a statement Wednesday.

The new recommendation appears to be more expansive than the latest guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That agency advised Tuesday that residents mask up indoors while in public in areas where community transmission is considered “substantial” or “high,” the two worst classifications on the agency’s four-tier scale.

Most of California fell into one of those categories as of Wednesday morning, including the entire southern third of the state. And more than 90% of California’s population lives in areas currently under one of those designations, according to the state Department of Public Health.

However, the state now "recommends universal masking in indoor public settings," according to a statement.

"This adds an extra precautionary measure for all to reduce the transmission of COVID-19, especially in communities currently seeing the highest transmission rates," the guidance states.

The latest mask recommendation is just one of the new measures California officials have put into action to combat a sustained increase in coronavirus infections and COVID-19 hospitalizations.

Though the number of infections and those who....READ MORE

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