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The Spirit and The Bride say “Come!”

In this day and hour, I believe our main focus should be on “The One Thing!” Jesus is coming back for His Bride – those who have made themselves ready for His return. It is time to WAKE UP!!! Our Bridegroom King Jesus is calling us to lay aside all worldly influences and distractions: to answer His call and to seek Him with all our hearts.


“ My Beloved is Mine and I am His”

Song of Solomon 2:16

The Bride’s desire for her Bridegroom King Jesus is to seek after Him with all her heart and to follow Him into the Secret Place.  



Art my Toni Waters


Come and Follow Me

Come and follow Me; the road is winding but you will see.

Many are the paths that lead astray; but I have come to show the way.

Take my hand and do not fear; for I am the light, I’ll draw you near.

-Art and Poem by Toni Waters

"Destiny: Rise and Shine" by Toni Waters

Freedom Series - Spiritual Warfare 

by Toni Waters

Beauty for Ashes

 by Toni Waters

The Eyes of Our Heart

by Toni Waters

My Beloved is Mine and I am His

Song of Solomon 2:16

The Marriage Supper of the Lamb

By- Toni Waters

The Spirit and The Bride

Revelation 22:17

Meet & Greet

Video interview with Toni Waters

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