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China Prepares For War: A Timeline

I watched a chilling presentation by the Hudson Institute recently by someone who is much smarter than Joe Biden or anyone in his administration.

His name is Kyle Bass, the founder and chief investment officer of Hayman Capital Center Advisory Board. He's a very serious man - and I suspect a very rich man.

His topic: "China Prepares for War: A Timeline - Xi's Inexorable March Toward War."

He started with three slides, which incorporated three observations of Chinese President Xi Jinping:

- He's fond of discussing, and he's not shy about it, "The rejuvenation of the great Chinese race," which he likens it to his life's singular goal.

- In October 2022, he mentioned his "laser-like focus on reacquiring the Taiwanese separatists." He says that if he cannot achieve it, his entire set of lifetime achievements would amount to failure.

- In his last six major speeches, Xi has stressed the need to prepare for war and for the 90 million members of the Communist Party of China to get ready for the.....



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