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Why 'Cancel Culture' Can't Cancel the Bible

Charisma - It seems no one these days is immune from being canceled. The names George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are being removed from school buildings. J.K. Rowling, creator of the Harry Potter series, has been canceled because she criticized the transgender movement. Even talk show host Ellen DeGeneres has been attacked online because of reports that she mistreats her employees.

I'm not sure what was worse about 2020—the COVID-19 pandemic or the intolerance of "cancel culture" that erupted in the past 12 months.

Naturally, Christians are worried that rights to freedom of speech and religion will soon be taken away in this hostile environment. What if Twitter, Facebook and YouTube ban Christian content on their platforms? What if Google eliminates access to Christian websites? Could America become like China, where government agents arrest pastors for openly preaching the gospel?

I'm not a doom and gloom guy. I believe the majority of politicians in this country still believe in liberty. Besides, there aren't enough prison cells in this country to hold all the sincere Christians who are willing to go to jail for their faith. But even if there was a movement to stamp out Christianity in the United States, it wouldn't work.

Why do I say that with confidence? I have read history. In spite of all the violent efforts to squelch religious faith over the centuries, the gospel has continued to spread. Consider the authors of the New Testament, who first introduced the truth about Jesus:

— Matthew was killed with a spear while preaching in Ethiopia, around 60 A.D.

— Mark was killed by a mob in Alexandria, Egypt......READ MORE

Charisma is a monthly Christian magazine based in Lake Mary, Florida, a suburb of Orlando. It is aimed at Pentecostals and charismatics.



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