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What If a Prophet Is Wrong?

Christian Headlines - Following the many failed prophecies about former President Trump, many are left asking, "Can we hear the voice of God today via prophecy?" As a result, the Prophetic Standards was just released to clarify this issue. I also filmed a short video here about this important topic.

A "prophet," as mentioned in the Bible, can be anyone in a position of spiritual authority or claiming to be. They are not to be elevated or idolized. We follow Christ, not men. False teachers aren't ostentatiously dressed in red, armed with a pitchfork. They often look credible and talk convincingly; however, they bring destructive teachings into the church. They tend to avoid difficult truths such as sin, judgment and repentance and focus on what people want to hear rather than what they need to hear. False teachers provide layers of truth mixed with error, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Today, when the truth of God's Word is spoken, people are often offended because they've been conditioned to hear "feel good" messages that do little in calling out sin. As a result, churches are filled with people whose lifestyles reflect little change. William Still said it well, "Many, who for the first time come under the sound of Holy Ghost preaching, are mortally offended ... because they have never been exposed to the white light of the Spirit."


Wisdom requires that we examine what is being sought and taught ... what is the focus? Repentance, holiness, obedience and purity should be primary rather than boasting, blessings, abundance and prosperity.

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