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'We Are Dealing With a Civil War': Arabs, Jews Battle in Israel's Streets as Rockets Soar Above

CBN - JERUSALEM, Israel – As rockets from Gaza filled Israel’s skies, Jews and Arabs shed each other’s blood in the streets below.

The two groups unleased their wrath on each other Wednesday night amid a wave of the worst ethnic, nationalist, and religious violence Israel has seen in years.

The mixed Jewish-Arab city of Lod, once seen as a symbol of coexistence, is the epicenter of the clashes. For days, Arab rioters have torched cars and shops, attacked synagogues, and hurled rocks. There, the Israeli government has declared a state of emergency, but the nighttime curfew isn’t stopping Jews and Arabs from battling each other in the streets.

Lod’s mayor compared the scene to a civil war and Israel’s National Police Commissioner called it unprecedented.

“We are seeing a situation in the mixed [Jewish-Arab] cities that we have never seen before,” Commissioner Kobi Shabtai said.

On Monday, a young Arab resident was shot and killed in Lod during violent unrest. Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld ....READ MORE

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