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WAR FOOTING Israel Masses Troops on Gaza Border and Threatens to Invade - Ceasefire Rejected

The Sun - ISRAEL deployed tanks and infantry units to the Gaza border today and is threatening to INVADE after 90 people died in a four-day bombing blitz.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu rejected Hamas calls for a ceasefire and instead warned military action will only "increase in force".

Major airlines including BA have halted flights as the death toll rose again today amid escalating violence.

A total of 83 people are said to have died in air strikes in Palestinian-controlled Gaza.

And seven people in Israel have been killed by rockets fired by Hamas militants.

Victims included five-year-old Ido Avigal, who was fatally wounded by shrapnel on Wednesday night.

Mr Netanyahu today said he is considering locking people up under controversial "administrative detention" laws to stop further bloodshed.

He said: "We have no choice....READ MORE

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