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WAR FEARS SURGE- Ukraine threatens to shoot and sink Russian boats after 'provocation'

Daily Express -FEARS of major conflict have surged after Ukrainian naval vessels threatened to sink five Russian coast guard boats.

The incident took place overnight between Wednesday and Thursday in the Black Sea. The Ukrainian ships warned five Russian FSB coast guard vessels to withdraw following “provocative manoeuvres”.

Separately Ukraine’s ambassador to Berlin has said the country could build nuclear weapons unless it is allowed into NATO.

Over the past few weeks, Russia has mobilised tens of thousands of troops along its border with Ukraine causing tensions to skyrocket.

Andrii Klymenko, who edits Black Sea News, reported three Ukrainian Gyurza-M-class artillery ships confronted five unidentified Russian boats.

The Russians allegedly behaved in an aggressive manner and only backed off when the Ukrainians threatened to open fire......READ MORE

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