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Viral Valedictorian Speech Demanding Right To Abortion Applauded By The Left

PNW - Feminism in 2021 is a simple proposition: Feticide is essential for females to have a future.

Michelle Williams openly credited her abortion for enabling her Hollywood career when she won a Golden Globe. Without being able to kill a baby in the womb, the logic goes, that baby will likely make it out of the womb -- and little boys and little girls are notorious for interfering with prior plans. Any suggestion that baby-making activities be curtailed or carefully regulated, of course, is scoffed at. We can change the climate and end racism, maybe, but guys and girls certainly can't keep their clothes on.

This is the basic thesis of a viral valedictorian speech by Paxton Smith, a graduate of the Lake Highlands High School in Dallas, Texas. As she spoke to her class and the gathered crowd, she swapped out her approved speech for an impassioned plea for abortion in the wake of Texas's new heartbeat bill.

Abortion activists and celebrities promptly fell all over themselves to fawn on the young woman, who was able to articulate so effectively the message they have been selling to teenage girls just like her for so long. She was lauded as a courageous young woman by the likes of Hillary Clinton, and publications from The Guardian to the CBC have been eager to cover the speech and interview Smith. She's got a political career if she wants one.

Imagine if a pro-life student went ....READ MORE

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