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US on Alert - China Destroyer can Shoot Down Ballistic Nuke Missiles and Satellites

The Sun - Despite being substantially smaller than US warships spotted in nearby waters, the Type 055 dwarfs its American opponent in stealth and surreptitiousness.

It is the world's second-most powerful destroyer, behind the US Navy's Zumwalt-class.

At around 180 metres long and 22 metres wide, the capabilities of the Type 055 are impressive to say the least.

It has 112 vertical launch missile cells, which can launch a combination of surface-to-air missiles, anti-ship missiles, land-attack missiles and anti-submarine missiles.

This means it can deploy projectiles to intercept incoming attacks, thanks to its dual-band radar system.

It boasts four flat planar phased arrays embedded in the trailblazing watercraft, accompanied by four smaller panels which are mounted on the integrated mast.

The advanced systems used even reduce radar and infrared signatures left behind by the superstructure, allowing it to covertly cruise the waters.

Rigged out with a helicopter deck and a stern hangar, capable of accommodating up to two helicopters, it enables China to prepare for attacks from every angle.

Weighing in at around 13,000-tons at full load displacement, the sturdy ship is set to house a string of new weapons that are currently still under development.

The destroyer is armed with YJ-18A .....READ MORE

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