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The Dangerous Return To Amillennialism By Many Church Leaders

PNW - Why even bring up the topic of amillennialism?

I do so because a great many pastors today subscribe to some form of this errant teaching that denies the prophesied restoration of a kingdom for Israel as well as the biblical promise of Jesus' millennial reign before the eternal state.

Amillennialism dominated the church during the dark ages and persisted long after the Reformation. The reason for this rests with three factors that fueled this teaching for well over a thousand years and remain in place today, at least to some degree.

It's vital to our faith that we understand the errant foundation of amillennialism so we can recognize the error and defend the integrity of Scripture when others seek to lead us astray.


Apart from the allegorization of Scripture, amillennialism would not exist. Rather than interpret prophecy according to the intent of biblical author, those who apply this method to prophecy retrofit biblical texts with meanings that do not match the words nor the intent of the authors.....READ MORE

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