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Taiwan Fears Quieter Chinese Threat as U.S. Warns of Invasion

NBC NEWS - More than two dozen Chinese military jets, including bombers, ripped through the sky approaching Taiwan one Monday last month.

The record incursion into Taiwan's air defense identification zone was the latest move to heighten fears about what critics say has been Beijing's increasingly brazen behavior in the South China Sea.

But while officials in Washington sound the alarm about a potential Chinese invasion of Taiwan, officials and residents on the island say that fails to understand the true dynamics in the region.

Many in Taiwan believe that rather than start a war, Beijing would instead prefer to "subdue the enemy without fighting," in the words of the ancient Chinese general and military strategist Sun Tzu.

And just because Beijing is flexing its military muscle, many Taiwanese say, does not mean it intends to follow through.

Alexander Huang, a former....READ MORE

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