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Support for Israel Falls to 33 Percent among Young Evangelicals, New Poll Shows

Christian Headlines - Support for Israel has fallen significantly in the past three years among young evangelicals, according to a new survey that gauged attitudes about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The poll of 700 evangelical Christians between the ages of 18 and 29 found that 33.6 percent side with Israel, 24.3 percent with the Palestinians and 42.2 percent with neither side. It was conducted by Barna for researchers at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke (UNCP), according to The Times of Israel.

In 2018, a separate survey by UNCP researchers Motti Inbari and Kirill Bumin showed majority support for Israel among young evangelicals, with 69 percent backing Israel, 5.6 percent backing the Palestinians and 25.7 percent saying they didn’t favor either side.

Inbari and Bumin noted that evangelicals in the U.S. have historically supported Israel based on their End Times theology. But among young evangelicals in the new poll, 44 percent say their religious beliefs do not impact their views of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, according to The Times of Israel. Thirty-eight percent say their religious beliefs lead them to support Israel, while 17 percent say their religious beliefs lead them to be more supportive of the Palestinians.

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