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Special Report: Evangelical Christianity In Crisis

PNW - The evangelical movement in the United States has reached a moment of reckoning. To the surprise of many readers, this is actually not an article about Donald Trump.

Yes, evangelicals have become very closely linked to Former President Trump over the past four years, and this has deeply affected how many outsiders view the evangelical movement.

But no matter what happens politically, evangelical churches will just continue to keep doing what they have been doing. In the long-term, the success of evangelical Christianity in America does not depend on the political success of Donald Trump.

Nor is this article about the very long list of high profile evangelical leaders that have fallen in recent months. To see so many prominent names fall so spectacularly has grieved me deeply, but I try very hard to avoid making a public spectacle out of them.

I do this for a couple of reasons. Number one, they are still my brothers and sisters no matter what they have done. Secondly, there is very little positive that comes out of drawing attention to our bad apples.

The mainstream media loves to make a spectacle out of evangelical leaders that fall, and they do this because it greatly supports many of the narratives that they are pushing.

But the mainstream media will never, ever do stories on the thousands of absolutely amazing men and women of God that are doing incredible work all over the globe. They only want to do negative stories about evangelical Christianity, and we need to push back against that.

Don't get me wrong - I am certainly not saying that we should ignore when evangelical leaders are morally compromised. Those that fall should be held accountable, and there are times when entire churches and ministries need to be held accountable.

And when people have honest questions about....READ MORE

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