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'Solomon's Palace' Discovered In Israel, Another Proof That Bible Passages Are Historical Fact

Christianity Today - Solid evidence has once again been unearthed proving that passages from the Bible were based on actual historical events.

A team of archaeologists has discovered a palatial building in Gezer, Israel, which the discoverers named "Solomon's Palace," according to New Historian.

The spectacular building was constructed over 3,000 years ago, in the tenth century BCE, according to the archaeologists. Although they could not tell yet which king, if any, lived in the palace, they believe it was likely built during the reign of King Solomon.

Their conjecture was based on Philistine pottery discovered at the site. According to the Bible, Philistines lived in Gezer until the city was vanquished by Solomon's father, King David.

According to the Bible, King Solomon was the driving force behind the creation of Israel.

Excavation co-director Professor Steve Ortiz, from the Tandy Museum of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary of Fort Worth, Texas, told Haaretz that the structure was significantly larger than the size of normal houses of the time, which suggests that it was home to someone of great importance.

The Old Testament states that the city of Gezer, which is situated on a crossroads in a pass leading from the coast to Jerusalem, was given by the Pharaoh of Egypt as a dowry to Solomon's wife. Solomon then rebuilt the city during the late tenth century BCE.

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