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Solar Eclipse: Doomsday Preacher Claims 'Ring of Fire' Eclipse Is An End of the World Sign

Daily Express - A SOLAR ECLIPSE appearing over parts of North America and Russia has been interpreted as a Biblical sign of the End Times, at least according to one popular Christian evangelist.

The annular, or "Ring of Fire" eclipse, will grace the morning skies on Thursday, June 10, when the Sun and Moon cross paths. Solar eclipses happen between two to five times a year - and have done so since the dawn of time - and are perfectly understood astronomical phenomena. But this does not stop Christian evangelists, doomsday preachers and other conspiracy theorists to brand them Biblical harbingers of doom.

The latest prophetic warning about this week's eclipse comes courtesy of Paul Begley, an Indiana-based preacher and TV host.

Pastor Begley presents the weekly series The Coming Apocalypse, which is broadcast on some TV channels in the US.

On his show as well as his popular YouTube channel, the firebrand preacher draws strenuous connections between passages in the Bible and everyday news events.

He recently said the May 26 Blood Moon eclipse was another sign of Biblical prophecy unfolding.

The Ring of Fire will only be visible to....READ MORE

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