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'So Much Hunger': Thousands Encounter Jesus Under a Bridge During 'Let Us Worship' Revival Event

CBN - Countless lives have been saved, healed, and delivered during Sean Feucht's "Let Us Worship" tour as the faith leader continues to restore the dispirited who are on the brink of giving up on God.

Feucht's revival events bring a powerful message to those suffering from despair, urging them to let go of their burdens and seek solace in the Holy Spirit.

Thousands of worshippers packed into a tent in Springfield, Missouri on Friday to sing and worship with Feucht and his team.

"We have thousands of people already under this tent, what a wild time to be alive," Feucht said. "So much hunger. God's moving in this nation, in this state. This is the season of revival.".....READ MORE

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