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Russia Takes Advantage Of Israel Dangerous Embrace Of Hostile US Administration

PNW - Last week it was reported that the Israel Defense Forces is planning to change its tactics in Syria and will base its operations against Iranian targets in the area on long-range standoff munitions rather than on airstrikes. Obviously, the move will downgrade Israel's operational prowess.

The report of Israel's new policy of restraint followed the big story of the week: Russia's announcement that for the first time, it had assisted the Syrians in intercepting four missiles fired by Israeli F-16s at targets in Syria. Russia's statement came in tandem with its announcement that it is abrogating its 2015 agreement with Israel to coordinate and deconflict Israel's military operations in Syria from Russian forces in the country.

For Jerusalem, Russia's decision is a major strategic blow.

The agreement in question was initiated almost immediately after Russian military forces first deployed to Syria in September 2015. Immediately after the Russians began setting up shop in Israel's hostile neighbor to the north, then-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu flew to Russia to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The purpose of his sudden trip, and a series of follow-on meetings between the two leaders in the ensuing months, was to reach an accord that would enable the.....READ MORE

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