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Russia Has Moved Missiles That Can Carry Nuclear Warheads Into The Conflict Zone With Ukraine

Michael Snyder (Opinion)- How close can Russia and Ukraine come to war without actually going over the precipice? Over the weekend, more forces on both sides continued to pour into the conflict zone. And on the line of separation in eastern Ukraine, there are regular reports of gunfire and shelling. At this point, there are no negotiations on the horizon, and one false move could easily spark an all-out war. In fact, a Kremlin spokesperson is warning that we could soon see “full-scale combat operations”

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov on Thursday said the situation in eastern Ukraine was ‘very unstable’ and warned it risked leading to ‘full-scale combat operations.’ As Kiev warned it could be ‘provoked’ by Russia’s aggression, several Western nations have voiced fears that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s move could trigger an all-out war, which could drag Nato allies, including Britain, into the conflict.

By rushing so many forces to the conflict zone, the Russians have prepared themselves to be ready for any scenario that may unfold.

According to one British news source, Russia now has “close to 100,000 troops” in the region…

The Russia-Ukraine crisis could explode into all-out war within days after Moscow amassed close

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