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RUMORS OF WAR - Russian Jets Fire Waring Shots and Drop Bombs In The Path of British Warship

BBC - More than 20 Russian aircraft and two coastguard ships have shadowed a British warship sailing near Crimea.

Moscow's defence ministry said that HMS Defender entered Russian territorial waters near Crimea while a patrol ship fired warning shots and a jet dropped bombs in its path.

Britain's Ministry of Defence (MoD) said no warning shots were fired.

However, a BBC correspondent onboard the warship said it has been harassed by the Russian military.

Aircraft could be heard overhead as the BBC's defence correspondent, Jonathan Beale, filed a report from the deck of HMS Defender in the Black Sea. He described hostile warnings over the radio as the navy crew prepared for a possible confrontation.

Our correspondent, who had been invited aboard the ship before the incident happened, describes more than 20 aircraft in the skies above the British ship - and says two Russian coastguard boats shadowed the vessel, at times just 100 yards away.

Russia claims the illegally-annexed peninsula and its....READ MORE

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