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Israel 365 News- In the wake of the increasing wave of “military mishaps” harming Iran, a recent report in Israeli media highlights rising concern that the Biden administration is leaking intelligence to the Iranians blaming Israel.

Tensions between Israel and Iran are undoubtedly rising. Last week, the Saviz, an Iranian container ship long-suspected of being used as a covert Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps base in the Red Sea, was lightly damaged due to an explosion. The NY Times reported later reported that an anonymous US official claimed Israel was behind the operation. A few weeks earlier, a report in the Wall Street Journal claimed that Israel attacked 12 Iranian ships illegally transporting oil and equipment from Iran to Syria.

A report in Hebrew-language Walla News cited Israeli security officials and IDF officers as claiming that the source of these claims blaming Israel was not from within Israel. The concern in the Israeli security establishment is that such leaks can severely endanger future operations. The security sources expressed concern that the intel was leaked by the US.

Another leak may have already taken place.....READ MORE

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