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Record-High 70 Percent of U.S. Adults Support Same-Sex Marriage, Gallup Poll Finds

Christian Headlines - A new Gallup poll revealed that U.S. support for same-sex marriage has reached an all-time high, with more people believing it should be legally recognized.

The report, which was part of Gallup's annual Values and Beliefs poll, revealed that 70 percent of American adults endorse same-sex marriage, setting a new record in Gallup's trend since 1996, where only a minority of Americans (26 percent) supported legal marriage between same-sex couples.

Support has continuously grown over the years, with over half of Americans supporting same-sex marriage in 2011 and 60 percent supporting it in 2015. Also in 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Obergefell v. Hodges that same-sex couples also had the fundamental right to marry.

The Gallup poll further found increasing support for same-sex marriage from Republicans for the first time. Over half of Republicans showed support for gay marriage (55 percent), despite being the political party least likely to do so in the past.

The record-high support from all Americans is mainly attributed to changes in Republican's views on same-sex marriage.

Democrats, on the other hand, have....READ MORE is brought to you by a group of Christian writers and editors who are dedicated to creating a well-rounded look at what’s happening across the globe from a Christian worldview. Our vision is to inform and inspire productive discussion about the current events and online trends that shape our lives, our churches and our world. includes blog posts about current events and Christian media, breaking news, feature articles, and guest commentaries, many written by respected Christian thinkers.



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