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Ransomware Attacks Escalating, White House Warns All U.S. Businesses, 'No Company Is Safe'

CBN - No company is safe. That's the blunt warning that came from a new White House memo as the cyber fallout continues after hackers took over a top U.S. meat producer.

There have been four major cyber-attacks against the U.S. in recent weeks, with three of them connected to Russia or China. Experts warn there's likely more to come as businesses are being told to shore up their digital defenses.

The most recent attack happened Wednesday near Cape Cod. Criminals hacked the ferry to Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard and demanded ransom just as the summer season picks up. The FBI now says the JBS food distributor hack last weekend points to criminals in Russia. Meat production is now returning to normal at U.S. plants and officials say food quality was not impacted.

May's Colonial Pipeline hack impacted the entire East Coast, sending fuel prices soaring and prompting shortages and long lines at gas stations. Authorities say Russian hackers were also behind this one. Also, the nation's largest transit system in....READ MORE

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