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Persecution Rises in East India: Christian Family Attacked, Threatened by Local Police

CBN - Christian persecution is on the rise in India. The latest report reveals a Christian family in the eastern part of the country has been confined to their home for months after a mob of tribal animists repeatedly attacked them for leaving their native religion.

Morning Star News (MSN) reports local police officials have even threatened to jail the family for breach of the peace.

Animism is the belief that objects, places, and creatures all possess a distinct spiritual essence. Potentially, animism perceives all things—animals, plants, rocks, rivers, weather systems, human handiwork, and perhaps even words—as animated or alive.

The animists reportedly had members of the local police department and the media with them when they conducted the first assault on the family earlier this year in Jharkhand state's Khala village, Garhwa District.

"The mob brought with them the village president, media, and police officers," Asha Korwa told MSN. "As the media clicked our pictures and videotaped the attack, the police watched as mere spectators. They did not stop the assailants or the media."

The attack came in the middle of the night. Afterward, the Garhwa police ordered the family not to leave the village, she said......READ MORE

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