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Perilous Times Ahead - Geopolitical & Economic Crisis On The Horizon

PNW - If you listen to the mainstream media, you'll hear a repeating narrative. You'll hear we're nearing the end of the pandemic. Just a few more "COVID jabs," and restrictions will ease. Pent up demand will explode throughout the world, and the global economy will be off and running.

Record high stock markets, a hot housing market, and positive government economic data prove the economy is now roaring. That's the belief. The pandemic is ending. The economy is growing. Everything is wonderful, and soon we'll return to "normal." That's what's happening, right?

I wish it were so, but a sober look at the global economy reveals a rough road ahead. Furthermore, the odds of global war haven't been as high as they are now in decades. To see this is the case, you only need to look past the agenda-driven news headlines and focus on what's really happening in the world.

The Broken Global Supply Chain

A year ago, many people warned the COVID shutdowns would have serious and lasting repercussions. Our modern economy runs on a complex just-in-time inventory and delivery system you can't simply turn on and off. Global trade is geared toward efficiency, not resiliency. And when you shut down one node in a supply chain, the entire supply chain breaks......READ MORE

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