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Only 52 Percent of Evangelicals Plan to Attend Easter Services this Year, Pew Says

Christian Headlines - American churchgoers are more comfortable now than they were last year with attending services during the pandemic, but many still plan on staying home this Easter, according to a new Pew Research Center survey.

Nearly three-quarters (76 percent) of U.S. adults who regularly attend church services say they are confident they can attend without catching or spreading Covid-19 – a 12-point increase from last July, when 64 percent answered that way. Forty-two percent of regular churchgoers say they attended a service within the past month – an increase from the 33 percent who answered that way last summer.

“As coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and deaths decline and vaccination rates rise across the United States, life in religious congregations is showing signs of slowly returning to normal,” a Pew analysis of the data said. “... Americans are increasingly confident they can safely go to services at a church, temple, mosque or other house of worship.”

Still, many Christians say they don’t feel comfortable attending in-person services for Easter this year. Although 62 percent of all self-identifying Christians say they normally attend an Easter service, only 39 percent plan to do so this year. Among evangelicals, 52 percent plan to attend an Easter service, compared to the 70 percent of .....READ MORE is brought to you by a group of Christian writers and editors who are dedicated to creating a well-rounded look at what’s happening across the globe from a Christian worldview. Our vision is to inform and inspire productive discussion about the current events and online trends that shape our lives, our churches and our world. includes blog posts about current events and Christian media, breaking news, feature articles, and guest commentaries, many written by respected Christian thinkers.



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