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Nuclear Threat: Satellite Images Show China Building 250 New Nuclear Missile Silos

CBN - New satellite images show a major expansion of China's missile program.

Researchers with the Federation of American Scientists uncovered 250 suspected nuclear missile silos under construction in a desert in China’s western Xinjiang province.

China's growing nuclear stockpile was just one of many threats highlighted by a Senate Select Intelligence Committee hearing Wednesday.

"Xi Jinping has one goal: to be the geopolitical, military and economic leader in the world. Period,” William Evanina, Fmr. Dir. National Counterintelligence & Security Center, told US lawmakers during the hearing.

The Xinjiang Province is the same region where human rights groups believe Beijing is holding more than one million Muslim Uighurs in massive concentration camps as a part of the communist government's genocide against the ethnic minority group.

Images of a vast site in northern China also reveal multiple silos under construction. These would likely house intercontinental ballistic missiles, with each capable of carrying multiple ....READ MORE

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