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More than 7 Million Face Starvation across East Africa amid Pandemic, Locust Infestation, Violence

Christian Headlines -More than 7 million people across six East African countries are facing the threat of starvation after the areas have struggled the battle the coronavirus pandemic, a locust infestation, violence and flooding.

According to World Vision, thousands of children could die or at risk of health problems if international help is not deployed. The countries are Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Kenya and Uganda.

Debebe Dawit, the program manager for World Vision’s humanitarian emergency affairs team, visited East Africa recently.

“The situation is very severe in East Africa, and particularly Ethiopia. Over 2 million people are in need of food assistance,” Dawit told The Christian Post in a Thursday interview. “Among conflict, COVID-19, flooding, locust infestation, all these are adding [an] additional burden to the community.”

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