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Miracles and Salvations Come to Texas: 'The POWER OF GOD Is Breaking Out!'

CBN - Thousands witnessed God perform miracles this weekend in Texas during Sean Feucht's "Let Us Worship" revival event.

Feucht and his team, including Dr. Charles Karuku with International Outreach Church, set their stage up in a dirt field in Lubbock on Saturday where people were set free from sin and healed from disabilities.

"5 people set free from same-sex attraction (most of them came to me backstage) They came to Lubbock Texas crying out for revival," Dr. Karuku wrote on Facebook. "Altars were full of people giving their lives to Jesus. We prayed for the sick. A 61yr old woman born deaf who had $8000.00 worth of hearing aids was healed by God. A 27 yr old born deaf with multiple surgeries that did not fix it got his hearing back."

Hundreds of hungry souls seeking salvation ran to the stage during one altar call.

"The PRESENCE OF GOD is filling this dirt field and the POWER OF GOD is breaking out!!! It is UNDENIABLE to everyone here!!!"....READ MORE

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