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Mass Shootings And A Culture Without A Conscience

PNW - There have been two mass shootings in a little over a week, on opposites sides of the country by individuals who, from what we currently know, sit on opposite sides of the ideological spectrum.

Though quickly-trotted-out narratives have proven either obviously flimsy or just flat wrong, Americans remain deeply entrenched in their corners and are seeing these issues through those lenses.

All the while, yet another set of events reveals a country in moral crisis, with very little helpful guidance from media or from government officials.

Mass shootings continue to be, tragically, a regular feature of American life. Each new attack on innocent children, students, church members, employees, concertgoers, and shoppers hits before we've recovered from the last one. May we never become numb to the horror of these crimes.

After each shooting, the fury and passion to "do something" reaches a new level of volume and intensity. Certainly, those who wish to restrict guns are louder than ever, and the current political situation makes those restrictions at least a legal possibility.

Now, in full disclosure, I'm a Second Amendment guy. I own guns, and I support the right to bear arms, which is guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. Gun ownership has been a consistent feature of American life since its founding, a reflection of the country's DNA: self-government, self-protection, self-provision.

But I'm also enough of a student of history and....READ MORE

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