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'Landslide': Lubbock, Texas Voters Ban Abortion, Declare City a 'Sanctuary' for 'the Unborn'

Christian Headlines - One of the largest cities in Texas is now a "sanctuary city for the unborn" thanks to an ordinance approved by voters.

Voters in Lubbock, Texas – the 11th-most populous city in the state – overwhelmingly supported an initiative on Saturday prohibiting abortion within the city limits and making it a sanctuary city for the unborn. It passed, 62-38 percent.

Lubbock's population is about 250,000 – making it by far the largest city of about two dozen that have declared themselves "sanctuary cities" for the unborn.

"The Church of Jesus Christ banded together, stepped up to their role, their God-given role, and said we're not going to let babies be killed in our city," Jim Baxa of West Texas for Life said, according to the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal. "All these churches banded together. There were 200 churches in the City of Lubbock working together to stand up for life. It's excellent."

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