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'Jesus Is Real': How History and Science Validate that Christ Existed and The Gospels Are True

CBN - Much of the world on Good Friday and Easter Sunday marks Christ's death on the cross and His resurrection. But others wonder if the Messiah is real and the Bible true. Well, do you doubt Julius Caesar existed? Or all the ancient philosophers of Greece? You have much more proof Jesus Christ existed, and that the New Testament telling His miraculous story from incarnation to resurrection is trustworthy.

Alex McFarland is a leading Christian apologist. If you're wondering, that doesn't mean he apologizes for the faith. It means he defends Christ's history and shows why you can trust it. To get there, he first explains the four kinds of testimony historians desire:

"They want eyewitness testimony. They want multiple testimon[ies]. They want early testimony. And the fourth is hostile testimony," McFarland told CBN News.

The Gospels: both Early & Eyewitness Testimony From Multiple Sources

As for eyewitness and...READ MORE

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