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Israeli Scientists Extend Mice’s Lives By 23%, Say Method May Work On Humans

The Times of Israel - Mice not only live longer, but are more youthful and less susceptible to cancer, after team from Bar Ilan University and US National Institutes of Health boosts a single protein

Israeli scientists have boosted the life expectancy of mice by 23 percent, in an advance they hope could eventually be replicated in humans.

They increased the supply of a protein, SIRT6, which normally wanes with aging, in 250 mice. In peer-reviewed research just published in the journal Nature Communications, they have revealed the increased life expectancy — and also stated that the protein-rich mice were more youthful and less susceptible to cancer.

“The change in life expectancy is significant, when you consider that an equivalent jump in human life expectancy would have us living on average until almost 120,” said Prof. Haim Cohen of Bar-Ilan University.

It is well known that SIRT6 levels decline with age, and there is much interest in the possibility that stimulating production of the protein could be beneficial. In 2012 Cohen became the first researcher to to actually increase levels in animals and increase life expectancy, and in doing so cause male mice to live 15% longer. But that experiment had no impact on female mice.

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