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Israel Ready for 'Every Scenario' After Gaza Terrorists Fire Dozens of Rockets at Israeli Civilians

CBN - JERUSALEM, Israel – Terrorists in Gaza launched rockets toward Israel Sunday night and early Monday morning, marking the third day in a row of rocket attacks.

The Iron Dome intercepted two of the rockets overnight and three people sustained minor injuries while running to bomb shelters, medics said Monday.

Gaza terrorists fired more than 40 rockets at Israel over the weekend. Israel conducted counter strikes and also restricted the fishing zone off Gaza’s coast. Fishing is a source of revenue for Gaza, so Israel restricts it to pressure Hamas to stop its rocket attacks.

“The decision was made in light of repeated terrorist acts from the Gaza Strip against the citizens of the State of Israel during the recent days, which constitute a violation of Israeli sovereignty,” said a statement from the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, a branch of Israel’s military responsible for liaising with the Palestinians.

“Hamas is held accountable for all.....READ MORE

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