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Israel Downs Drone Approaching Border from Jordan

CBN- JERUSALEM, Israel – Israel said it shot down a drone on Tuesday that it saw approaching Israel’s northern border from Jordan.

The drone was flying towards the Israeli community of Beit She’an when it was brought down, the Israel Defense Forces said. The fragments were later collected by Israeli security forces.

It was not immediately clear where the drone originated from, even though it approached the Israeli border from Jordan.

Tuesday’s incident comes amid intense fighting between Israel and terrorists in the Gaza Strip. The fighting has led to protests in support of Palestinians and incidents on Israel’s borders.

On Sunday, two Jordanians armed with knives managed to cross into Israel undetected. When they were caught, they told Israeli investigators they were “heading to Jerusalem.” On Friday, hundreds of Jordanians also attempted the breach Israel’s border.

On Monday, six rockets were .....READ MORE

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