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Israel - Clashes on Gaza border as Ramadan violence flares in Jerusalem

Reuters - Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip fired dozens of rockets into Israel on Saturday drawing retaliatory air strikes, the Israeli military said, after nightly Ramadan clashes between Palestinians and Israeli police resumed in Jerusalem.

The pre-dawn exchange of fire broke months of relative quiet on the Israel-Gaza frontier.

Signalling it did not expect an immediate wider escalation, the military said it would not impose safety restrictions on Israelis living near the border.

But in a sign violence could continue, Israel's chief of staff Aviv Kohavi postponed a visit to Washington on Sunday, expected to focus on Iran, due to the "events and possible developments," according to a military statement.

In Jerusalem, Israeli-Palestinian tension has been higher than usual during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Protests turned violent on Thursday with scores of arrests and injuries. read more

The unrest resumed on Friday night, when.....READ MORE

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