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Iranian Hackers Targeting US, Israeli Medical Researchers: Analysis

The Hill - A hacking group associated with the Iranian government targeted senior medical researchers in the U.S. and Israel over the past few months, new research released Wednesday found.

Cybersecurity group Proofpoint found as part of its report that the Iranian hacking group, known as “Phosphorous” or “Charming Kitten,” had begun targeting around 25 medical professionals in the fields of genetic, neurology and oncology research in both the U.S. and Israel in December.

The Iranian hackers went after their targets in an effort to obtain personal account credentials, using malicious phishing emails to lure the targets to a page masquerading as a Microsoft login page.

Proofpoint researchers described the victims in a blog post as “extremely senior personnel at a variety of medical research organizations,” and noted that the effort was likely part of an....READ MORE

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