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Hamas claim ‘victory’ over Israel & celebrate in Gaza streets despite agreeing ceasefire

The Sun - HAMAS is claiming ‘victory’ over Israel as cheering Palestinians celebrate in Gaza’s streets by setting off fireworks, showing ‘V’ signs and waving flags.

The militant group’s boast comes despite agreeing a mediated ceasefire, after 223 were slain in airstrikes during the bloody 11-day battle.

Celebrations were heard on Gaza streets minutes after the truce began as cars honked their horns and guns were fired in the air, while in the occupied West Bank, joyful crowds also took to the streets.

"It's a good decision to be honest with you because people from both sides are done with what's going on," said Amwrah Dana, a Palestinian resident of Jerusalem.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office announced the surprise truce with a statement from his cabinet calling it "mutual and unconditional".

Hamas and Islamic Jihad also confirmed ....READ MORE

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