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‘God help you!’: Americans outraged over Converse satanic pentagram logo sneakers

The Christian Post - Many Americans are expressing their disappointment and anger at athletic shoemaker Converse, which has launched a new line of sneakers in collaboration with fashion designer Rick Owens featuring a satanic pentagram which is the logo of his brand DRKSHDW.

“This is sad, I grew up wearing Converse but seeing that satanic marketing through your shoes, I won’t be buying into this. God help you!” says a comment on the shoemaker’s Instagram account, where it launched the sneakers featuring a pentagram in place of the iconic Chuck Taylor star last week.

Another follower thanked Converse for showing its “real side.” “No more purchase,” they added.

In the launch post on social media, Converse wrote, “The aesthetic is all about disrupting formality—embracing traditional structure and then blowing it up. Rick Owens crafts a Chuck 70 unlike any other. And it’s only the beginning for Converse x DRKSHDW.

In another post by Converse, Owens wrote, “I've been using this pentagram for a long time because obviously, it ....READ MORE

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