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Fly Flags at Half Staff to 'Mourn' Unborn Lives Lost to Abortion, Alabama Legislature Urges

Christian Headlines - A resolution encouraging Alabama citizens to “mourn” the unborn lives lost due to abortion by flying flags at half staff has passed both chambers of the state legislature.

Alabama’s House and Senate passed the so-called “Day of Tears” resolution on March 9, making the state the first in the nation to see the resolution approved in both chambers. Similar resolutions have passed the Arkansas House and the Mississippi House.

The resolutions are promoted by a national pro-life organization known as the Day of Tears, which encourages pro-lifers to lower their flags to half staff each year on the anniversary of the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion nationwide.

The Alabama resolution encourages flags to be lowered on Jan. 22, 2021, the anniversary of Roe.

“January 22, 2022, is recognized as the Day of Tears in Alabama, and citizens of Alabama are encouraged to lower their flags to half-staff ....READ MORE is brought to you by a group of Christian writers and editors who are dedicated to creating a well-rounded look at what’s happening across the globe from a Christian worldview. Our vision is to inform and inspire productive discussion about the current events and online trends that shape our lives, our churches and our world. includes blog posts about current events and Christian media, breaking news, feature articles, and guest commentaries, many written by respected Christian thinkers.



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