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'Feels Like Armageddon': Deadly Record-Breaking Heat Wave Grips US - Power Cables Melt, Roads Buckle

CBN - Across the country, extreme heat has been breaking records.

Spokane, Washington hit 109 degrees on Tuesday – the highest temperature ever recorded in that city.

The dangerous weather that gave Seattle and Portland consecutive days of record high temperatures exceeding 100 degrees, finally eased in those cities Tuesday.

But inland, Spokane saw temperatures spike. The unprecedented heat caused power cables to melt and forced rolling blackouts as demand for electricity spiked. About 9,300 customers lost power Monday.

"It feels like Armageddon," said one woman. "It really does."

Several roads have buckled under the scorching heat.

About a dozen deaths in Washington state and Oregon may be tied to the intense heat wave.

"We have never seen anything like this," said Vince Hlavaty, a Bremerton medical officer. READ MORE

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