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Facebook Is Banning Christians But Allowing Sex Traffickers

The Christian Post - While Facebook is known for cracking down on accounts linked to Christians and politically conservative individuals and groups, the platform is doing little to stop criminal organizations that use the networking site to profit off sex trafficking, said entertainment critic Ted Baehr.

The connection between human trafficking and drug cartels on social media is a “gigantic” problem, Baehr told CBN News.

“I was one of the founding board members of the National Coalition on Sexual Exploitation. It’s been a bigger and bigger problem, especially when we talk about the crackdown on conservative sites or Christian sites,” he said. “Because they say on Facebook that the cost of doing business in Africa and the Middle East is allowing all of these different businesses to use it. These businesses are sex slavery. These businesses are trafficking.”

Facebook employees sent numerous alerts to their bosses to report on human traffickers in the Middle East and armed groups in Ethiopia that are using the platform for sex trafficking and inciting violence against ethnic minorities, according to internal documents released by The Wall Street Journal in an investigative report.

Facebook was informed that a Mexican drug cartel was using the platform to recruit, train and pay hitmen, but the company didn’t stop the cartel from posting on Facebook or Instagram, the documents show.

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