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Dinosaur Carving Found on Middle Ages Tomb Proves Evolution is WRONG, Claims Bible Expert

Daily Express - Although scientists are positive the dinosaur's rule on Earth was cut short some 66 million years ago, Young Earth Creationists beg to differ. According to certain interpretations of Biblical Chronology, the planet's age can be determined by tracing the lineage of mankind from the creation of Adam and Eve in Genesis to the birth of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. Young Earth Creationists, therefore, estimate our world is only 6,000 to 10,000-years-old - an estimate at odds with the scientific estimate of 4.543 billion years.

But how does this reconcile with the fossil record and the dinosaurs scientists have told us died millions of years before us?

According to Tom Meyer, a professor of Bible studies at Shasta Bible College and Graduate School in California, US, there is evidence to support the theory dinosaurs were on Earth at the same time as humans - evidence he believes disproves Darwin's theory of evolution.

What is the evidence? A brass carving of a dinosaur-like creature adorning the tomb of an English bishop buried in the Middle Ages - more than 300 years before palaeontologists even coined the term "dinosaur".

Professor Meyer explained: "Startling evidence has come to light which demonstrates that English artisans had knowledge of what dinosaurs looked like as far back as the end of the Middle Ages.

"Some 350 years before the English biologist and palaeontologist Sir Richard Owen coined the term 'dinosaur' in 1841, a tomb was decorated with the likeness of these creatures.

"The tomb of Bishop Richard Bell, located in the floor of the famous Carlisle Cathedral in England in 1496, is .....READ MORE

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