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Defense Dept. Develops Next Gen Sensor to Implant Under Human Skin, Like a 'Check Engine Light'

CBN - One military doctor is calling a next-generation technology that could ultimately stop a future pandemic, "a human check engine light."

It's actually a tiny hydro-gel sensor that sits right under the skin and was originally developed to help treat diabetes.

But for the Defense Department, it's a way to stop the spread of infection in its tracks.

"What we do is we say, 'Well the science is interesting but we're translating that into application and benefit and its something frankly the Department of Defense does really well," said Dr. Matthew Hepburn, M.D., the vaccine lead for Operational Warp Speed. "We can see science but we say, we have mission, we have a national security mission."

In March of 2020, the USS Theodore Roosevelt made headlines when more than 1,000 sailors on board tested positive for COVID-19.

The outbreak put the ship out......READ MORE

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