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CRISIS : Is a Chinese Invasion of Taiwan Imminent?

CBN- Taiwan's foreign minister warned China on Wednesday that the island nation will defend itself "to the very last day" if attacked.

China has ramped up military operations in the Taiwan Strait significantly and there are fresh fears of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

Beijing views the island nation as a renegade province and could be tempted to make a move because according to some experts, Beijing sees the Biden Administration as weak.

But would China actually risk war over Taiwan, and then, what would America do?

While China talks tough and has improved its military by stealing technology from the United States, Chinese leaders are keenly aware the nation has not fought a major war in 42 years and when it did in 1979, it struggled against Vietnam. Some experts say China was defeated.

But the commander of the U.S. Navy's Pacific fleet, Admiral John Aquilino, warned the Senate Armed Services Committee that taking over Taiwan remains China's number one strategic priority.....READ MORE

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