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Covid Detection Microchips Beneath The Skin - From Science Fiction To Reality

PNW - As the debate over Vaccination passports continues to heat up - the Pentagon has just added a whole new level of concern over privacy and government control with revelations that is has created a microchip to be inserted under the skin, which can detect COVID-19 infections.

Retired Colonel Matt Hepburn revealed the device on 60 minutes Sunday night. 'You put it underneath your skin and what that tells you is that there are chemical reactions going on inside the body, and that signal means you are going to have symptoms tomorrow,' he explained.

'It's like a "check engine" light,' said Hepburn.

'Sailors would get the signal, then self-administer a blood draw and test themselves on site.

'We can have that information in three to five minutes.

'As you truncate that time, as you diagnose and treat, what you do is you stop the infection in its tracks.'

He said they were inspired by the struggle to stem the virus' spread onboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt, where 1,271 crew members tested positive for the coronavirus.

If current vaccination rates in the military are any indication however, many troops may not be too eager to jump on the microchip bandwagon.

Research shows that so far a third of troops have refused to take the vaccine. Many indicated they were concerned over long term health affects but also, ironically, that it might contain a microchip devised to monitor them or be used for some type of of government control.

This is not the first time researchers have come up with a method to help manage and detect covid or show proof of vaccinations.

Researchers had previously found a way to leave....READ MORE

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