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Christian Teacher Sues School that Suspended Him for Opposing LGBT Policy

Christian Headlines - On Tuesday, a Virginia teacher filed a lawsuit against a school board after it suspended him for speaking out against a proposed LGBT policy.

The proposed policy by Loudoun County Public Schools would require staff to use the name and pronouns that correspond to a student’s gender identity. The proposal also would allow students to use restrooms and locker rooms and play on sports teams that match their gender identity.

Tanner Cross, a Leesburg Elementary School teacher, attended the May 25 school board meeting and spoke out against the proposal, saying it would “damage children.”

“I’m a teacher, but I serve God first,” he said, according to Alliance Defending Freedom. ADF is representing Cross.

Two days later, the school suspended him with pay and prohibited him from going on school property.

The lawsuit, filed in Virginia state court, says Cross believes children “should not be encouraged to undertake social or medical transition” because of “their inability to assess long-term consequences.” He is a Christian who “endeavors to treat every person with dignity, love, and care,” the lawsuit says.

The school is violating his rights of free speech and free exercise of religion under the Virginia Constitution, the suit says.

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