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Christian School Cancels Their Chaplain For Not Supporting LGTB Agenda

PNW - The Reverend Dr. Bernard Randall previously delivered a sermon in the school chapel of Trent College, where he served as Anglican chaplain. Both parents and students had been expressing their concerns to him about the recent implementation of a school-wide LGBT program by the organization Educate & Celebrate, which sought to "embed gender, gender identity and sexual orientation into the fabric" of the school.

One student had asked him rather plaintively why they were being told they had to accept this new ideology at a Christian institution.

Randall sought to assure students that nobody could force them to believe anything. "I want to say to everyone, but especially to those who have been troubled, that you are not obliged to accept someone else's ideology," he told them. "You are perfectly at liberty to hear ideas out, and then think, 'No, not for me.'

There are several areas where many or most Christians...will be in disagreement with LGBT activists, and where you must make up your own mind. So it is perfectly legitimate to think that marriage should only properly be understood as being a lifelong exclusive union of a man and a woman; indeed, that definition is written into English law."

He closed the sermon by delivering a rebuke....READ MORE

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