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Biden's American Families Plan - Springboard To More Leftist Indoctrination

PNW - If the government can't educate our kids, why would we trust it to raise them? Joe Biden doesn't have a good answer for that, but it hasn't stopped him from introducing another 13-digit spending plan to let the state babysit your toddler.

He calls it the American Families Plan, a "free" daycare system that would give radical Leftists an even earlier grip on our children. But for a party who supposedly cares so much about "the science," they certainly don't give a fig here.

After years of government-run Pre-K, the data all says it's a bust. It's certainly no comparison to an institution that costs taxpayers nothing: the intact family.

Before COVID, when parents didn't have a front-row seat to the indoctrination the schools were teaching, Biden's plan might have had a better reception. Now, after seeing what the government-run classrooms are passing off as "education," moms and dads probably aren't eager to put their children in the state's care any sooner.

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