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Baptist Church in Indiana Ordains the First Trans Pastor in Its Denomination

Church Leaders - Not long after the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America elected its first transgender bishop, a transgender woman was ordained in a Baptist church. At a May 23 ceremony, Laura Bethany Buchleiter was ordained at University Baptist Church in Bloomington, Indiana. The congregation, which left the Southern Baptist Convention in 1999 after accepting a female pastor, is part of the Georgia-based Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF).

Although some reports identify this as a “first,” Buchleiter clarifies on Facebook: “I’m not the first transgender person to be ordained in a Baptist church, I may be just the second—and the first in a CBF church. I’m very grateful for those who have gone before me, and am also very aware that we are all still pioneers in this space.”

University Baptist Pastor Annette Briggs says, “We’re not ordaining Laura Beth because she is transgender. Our church self-identifies as a church that listens to the call of the people irrespective of gender or sexual orientation.” Briggs adds of Buchleiter’s ministry, “It’s a whole lot easier to tell the truth when you’re not hiding a truth.”

Who Is Laura Bethany Buchleiter?

Laura Bethany Buchleiter, 49, graduated from....READ MORE is dedicated to resourcing, informing, and connecting a community of church leaders for greater Kingdom impact worldwide.



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